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UCSD Physics Colloquium

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UCSD Physics Seminars

Wednesday, September 26

Abstract: Understanding the details of planet formation requires direct observations of protoplanets themselves. Transition disks, protoplanetary disks with inner clearings in dust, are the most promising targets for these studies. Their inner clearings and relatively low stellar accretion rates may be caused by forming planets sweeping up material that would have otherwise fallen onto the star. While protoplanets are expected to have low infrared contrasts compared to mature exoplanets, the large distance
Astrophysics Seminar
4:00PM, SERF 383
Steph Sallum, UC Santa Cruz, 'Imaging Protoplanets with Adaptive Optics and Interferometry'
Condensed Matter Seminar
4:00PM, Mayer Room 4322

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