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UCSD Physics Colloquium

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UCSD Physics Seminars

Wednesday, January 22

'Overview and Status of the Giant Magellan Telescope Project"
Astrophysics Seminar
3:00PM, SERF 383
Rebecca Bernstein, Staff Astronomer, Carnegie Observatories
'The Mott Insulator-Metal Transition: Structural, Magnetic and Electronic Effects'
Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
4:00PM, Mayer Hall, Mayer Room
Dr. Yoav Kalcheim, UC San Diego

Monday, January 27

Chromatin epigenetic engineering: combining synthetic biology with molecular bioinformatics.
qBio Seminar Series
3:00PM, NSB 1205
Karmella Haynes, Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering, Emory University
'Collisionless damping of residual zonal flows in tokamak plasmas by resonant magnetic perturbations'
Plasma Physics Seminar
4:00PM, SERF 329
Gyung Jin Choi, Department of Physics & Astronomy, UC Irvine

Wednesday, January 29

'Rethinking metallicity: the quest to measure the chemistry of distant galaxies'
Astrophysics Seminar
3:00PM, SERF 383
Allison Strom, Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Observatories
Orbital magnetism and quantized anomalous Hall effect in twisted bilayer graphene
Condensed Matter Seminar
4:00PM, Mayer Hall 4322 (Mayer Room)
Prof. Andrea Young, UC Santa Barbara

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