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UCSD Physics Colloquium

Thursday, September 28

4:00PM, BSB Garren Auditorium

UCSD Physics Seminars

Wednesday, September 27

Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
4:00PM, Mayer Hall 4322 (Mayer Room)
Eve Lee. Sherman Fairchild Postdoctoral Scholar in Theoretical Physics, Calteach, Abstract: TBD
Abstract: The riddle posed by super-Earths is that they are not Jupiters: their core masses are large enough to trigger runaway gas accretion, yet somehow super-Earths accreted atmospheres that weigh only a few percent of their total mass. In this talk, I will demonstrate that this puzzle is solved if super-Earths formed late, in environments akin to the inner cavities of transitional disks. Super-puffs present the inverse problem of being too voluminous for their small masses. I will show that super-puffs
ASTROPHYSICS SEMINARpuffs and Ultra-Short Period Planets
4:00PM, SERF 383
Eve Lee, Sherman Fairchild Postdoctoral Scholar in Theoretical Physics, Caltech, Formation of Close-in Super-Earths, Super-puffs and Ultra-Short Period Planets

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