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Department of Physics Faculty At A Glance

Dr. Henry Abarbanel

Dr. Michael Anderson

Dr. Daniel Arovas

Dr. Richard Averitt

Dr. Julio Barreiro

Dr. Dimitri Basov

Dr. James Branson

Dr. Adam Burgasser

Dr. Leonid Butov

Dr. Alison Coil

Dr. Eva-Maria S. Collins

Dr. Max (Massimiliano) Di Ventra

Dr. Patrick Diamond

Dr. Fred Driscoll

Dr. Daniel Dubin

Dr. Olga Dudko

Dr. Michael Fogler

Dr. George Fuller

Dr. Kim Griest

Dr. Benjamin Grinstein

Dr. Alexander Groisman

Dr. Jorge Hirsch

Dr. Michael Holst

Dr. Terence Hwa

Dr. Kenneth Intriligator

Dr. Elizabeth Jenkins

Dr. Suckjoon Jun

Dr. Brian Keating

Dr. Dusan Keres

Dr. David Kleinfeld

Dr. Quinn Konopacky

Dr. Julius Kuti

Dr. Aneesh Manohar

Dr. M. Maple

Dr. John McGreevy

Dr. Thomas Murphy

Dr. Kaixuan Ni

Dr. Michael Norman

Dr. Thomas O'Neil

Dr. Hans Paar

Dr. Jeremie Palacci

Dr. Ivan Schuller

Dr. Vivek Sharma

Dr. Oleg Shpyrko

Dr. Sunil Sinha

Dr. Douglas Smith

Dr. Clifford Surko

Dr. David Tytler

Dr. Massimo Vergassola

Dr. Shelley Wright

Dr. Congjun Wu

Dr. Frank Wuerthwein

Dr. Avi (Avraham) Yagil

Science in the News

UCSD Physics Awards

Professor Ivan Schuller selected to receive the Department of Defense "National Security Science and Engineering Fellows" (NSSEFF) award.

Professor Ivan Schuller is one of 7 researchers selected to receive the Department of Defense "National Security Science and Engineering Fellows" (NSSEFF) award. He is b... Read More

Two UCSD Physics students recognized by the Association for Women in Science, San Diego Chapter
Two UCSD Physics students were recognized by the Association for Women in Science San Diego Chapter with $1000 scholarship awards: undergraduate major Erika Johannessen a... Read More

Physics Professor David Kleinfeld has been elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS)
The fellows and members will be inducted at the academy's annual ceremony on October 10 in Cambridge, Mass. They were nominated and elected by current members through an... Read More

Physics Professor Ivan Schuller has been appointed as a recipient of the 2015 Lise Meitner Award
He is being recognized for his contributions to physics and in particular for "For creating the field of metallic superlattices and recognizing the impact of these materi... Read More

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UCSD Physics News

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Professor Olga Dudko co-recipient of $8.6 million NIH award

Professor Olga Dudko is a co-recipient of an $8.6 million award from the NIH to establish a Center for 4D Nucleome Research at UCSD.

The mission of the new Center is t...Read More

Multiple spots in a simulated galaxy glow brightly at submillimeter wavelengths of light
In the new issue of journal Nature, a team of scientists including Dusan Keres (Physics and CASS, UCSD) presents a new supercomputer simulation that can help expla...Read More

Astronomers Analyze the Atmosphere of a 'Young Jupiter' Exoplanet
Astronomers have found thousands of planets outside our solar system. Almost all of these exoplanets were detected by measuring periodic changes in the light from their s...Read More

UCSD Physics Professor Wuerthwein and four other investigators bring $5 million, NSF award to UC to establish high speed regional data sharing system
For the last three years, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has made a series of competitive grants to over 100 U.S. universities to aggressively upgrade their campus...Read More

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UCSD Physics Colloquium


    Title:  "Was Einstein Right Handed?"
    Time:   4:00PM
    Speaker:  Stephon Alexander
    Affiliation:  Dartmouth College
    Location:  Garren Auditorium (BSB)

UCSD Physics Seminars


    Title:  The Contraction of Space and Time in Genomic Interactions
    Time:   3:00PM
    Research Group:  Quantitative Biology Seminar
    Speaker:  Prof. Olga Dudko
    Affiliation:  Department of Physics
    Location:  1205 NSB


    Title:  "A Search for New Physics in the Opposite-Sign Dilepton Channel with Data from the First Run of the Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment"
    Time:   1:00PM
    Research Group:  High Energy Physics Seminar
    Speaker:  Derek Barge
    Affiliation:  UCSB
    Location:  5623 MHA


    Title:  "The Most important Scientific Discovery of the Year 1911 Was Not Superconductivity"
    Time:   4:00PM
    Research Group:  Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
    Speaker:  Jorge Hirsch
    Affiliation:  Department of Physics, UCSD
    Location:  Mayer Room


    Title:  "The Surprisingly Complex Lives of Massive Galaxies and the Stability of the Mass Fundamental Plane"
    Time:   4:00PM
    Research Group:  Astrophysics Seminar
    Speaker:  Rachel Bezanson
    Affiliation:  Hubble Postdoc Fellow, University of Arizona
    Location:  SERF 383


    Title:  Topological Superconductivity: A new Quantum State of Matter"
    Time:   2:00PM
    Research Group:  Special Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
    Speaker:  Prof. Werner Hanke
    Affiliation:  Physics Department, University of Wuerzburg
    Location:  Mayer Room

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