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UCSD Physics Colloquium

Thursday, January 25

Scale and Conformal Symmetries in Ultra Cold Quantum Gases:Surprises and ExcitementAbstract: Abstract: Strongly interacting systems have been puzzling to physicists for many-decades and some of them remain to be extremely challenging despite of having modern computers available to attach the problems. Most celebrated ones including the proton mass in QCD, superconductivity and pseudo gap physics in high temperature superconducting materials. Recently added to this list are quantum gases near Feshbach resona
4:00PM, BSB Garren Auditorium
Fei Zhou, University of British Columbia

UCSD Physics Seminars

Wednesday, January 24

Soft matters, carving non-equilibrium pathways to control self-assembly
Condensed Matter Seminar
4:00PM, Mayer Room 4322
Prof. Jeremie Palacci, UC San Diego
Unraveling the nature of dark matter via galaxy evolution at low and high-redshift
Astrophysics Seminar
4:00PM, SERF 383
Victor Robles, Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Irvine

Friday, January 26

Conformal dynamics in quantum gases
AMO/CM Seminar
10:00AM, Mayer Room
Prof. Fei Zhou, University of British Columbia

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