Several UCSD Physics Faculty designated American Physical Society "Outstanding Referees".

UCSD Physicists R. C. Dynes, Benjamin Grinstein, Jorge Hirsch, Herbert Levine, Ivan K. Schuller and L. J. Sham have been designated "Outstanding Referees" by The American Physical Society.

This is the first year of this very selective award, and only 534 out of our 42,000 active referees have been chosen. In subsequent years, they intend to add about 130 more each year to the list of "Outstanding Referees." The awardees chosen are truly exceptional in their contributions to the physics community by their hard work and careful attention to the peer review process. These faculty members are to be congratulated.

The complete list of 534 awardees and other information about the award can be found at The APS wishes to thank these awardees, for their exceptional work as anonymous referees in service to the international physics community.