Dimitri Basov

Dimitri Basov

Ph.D., Lebedev Physics Institute, Academy of Sciences of Russia, 1991


Office: MHA 4571
Phone: 858-822-1211

Research Statement

In our research we employ infrared spectroscopy to investigate novel physics of novel electronic and magnetic materials. "Infrared" here is used colloquially since in fact our instruments allow us to cover much broader frequency range extending continuously from sub-THz to UV light. Current research directions include:

Physics of strongly correlated electron systems
Magnetic semiconductors
Molecular and organic nano-electronics
Electromagnetic metamaterials
Charge dynamics in graphene

Versatility of infrared and optical methods can be appreciated from a quick inspection of characteristic energy scales in solids which all fall in the frequency range that can be covered using a series of instruments available in our group. Development of novel spectroscopic instrumentation is an integral part of our research effort.