Alex Frañó

Alex Frañó

Ph.D, Technical University of Berlin/Max Planck Institute (Berlin Germany), 2014


Office: MH 3661
Phone: 858-534-2253

Research Statement

My research is focused on investigating strongly correlated electron systems using various x-ray scattering techniques. These “quantum materials” are characterized by the various macroscopic properties that can emerge due to having highly correlated electronic wave functions: magnetism, charge/orbital order, high-temperature superconductivity, etc. I am particularly interested in synthesizing and studying transition-metal-oxide ceramics (both in bulk single crystal form as well as in epitaxially grown films, bilayers, and superlattices) to explore their emerging phases and possible functionalities. 
To investigate these instances of coherent, spatial ordering, I utilize state-of-the-art x-ray scattering techniques including: resonant elastic scattering, resonant inelastic scattering, inelastic scattering, coherent scattering, and high-resolution diffraction. These exciting experiments are done at large-scale synchrotron facilities around the world.  

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