Kaixuan Ni

Kaixuan Ni



Office: MH 5102
Phone: 858-822-7520

Research Statement

Our group’s research interest centers on the biggest puzzles in particle physics and cosmology. What are the fundamental properties of dark matter? What is the absolute mass of neutrinos? Are there sterile types of neutrinos? We develop extremely low background particle detectors and advanced data analysis techniques to address these open questions experimentally. 

Current Projects:

XENON1T and XENONnT: located at Gran Sasso National Underground Laboratory in Italy. XENON1T is the world’s first tonne-scale dark matter detector using the liquid xenon time projection chamber (LXeTPC) technology and so far the most sensitive WIMP dark matter detector. XENONnT is the upgrade of XENON1T and is set to start operation in 2020. 

Future Projects:

DARWIN: the ultimate WIMP dark matter detector to probe down to the “neutrino floor” and also a multi-purpose observatory for neutrinos and other astrophysics sources.

Former Projects:

XENON10 and XENON100: pioneering experiments demonstrating the advantages of LXeTPC technology for dark matter search.

PandaX-I/II: dark matter search experiments at China’s Jinping Underground Laboratory.