Suckjoon Jun

Suckjoon Jun

Ph. D., Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, 2004


Office: UH 7214
Phone: 858-534-2384

Research Statement

The driving force of our lab is the curiosity and desire to understand why the biological systems are the way they are. We are often attracted to long-standing questions in biology, for which quantitative, inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches are essential. Some of these questions include: What is the driving force underlying chromosome segregation in bacteria? What is the relationship between growth and cell cycle? What is the origin of the plasticity of cell shape? While our research is naturally question-driven, we also develop tools when necessary. In doing so, we try to meet the highest standard in the relevant discipline (be it physics, biology, or engineering). We value both logic and intuition, but more of "night science" than "day science."