M. Maple

M. Maple

Ph. D., UC San Diego, 1969


Office: MH 1230
Phone: 858-534-3968

Research Statement

As an experimentalist working in the area of condensed matter physics, I am interested in strongly correlated electron phenomena in novel d- and f-electron materials. These phenomena include superconductivity, magnetism, and effects arising from their interplay, heavy fermion behavior, and non-Fermi liquid behavior. I am especially interested in unconventional superconductivity that occurs in cuprates in which the superconducting critical temperature Tc attains values as high as ~ 130 K and heavy fermion materials in which Tc ~ 1 K. Heavy fermion materials are compounds of rare earth or actinide ions with partially-filled f-electron shells (e.g., Ce, Yb, U) in which the conduction electrons have effective masses as large as several hundred times the free electron mass. It is widely believed that the unconventional superconductivity found in these two classes of materials involves pairing of electrons, mediated by spin fluctuations, in states with angular momentum greater than zero (p- or d-wave superconductivity). Recently, superconductivity with Tc = 1.85 K in the filled skutterudite compound PrOs4Sb12, the first heavy fermion superconductor based on Pr, was discovered in our laboratory at the University of California, San Diego. There is evidence for triplet-spin (p-wave) pairing of superconducting electrons in PrOs4Sb12, which may be mediated by electric quadrupole fluctuations, rather than spin fluctuations. I also have a strong interest is non-Fermi liquid behavior and other exotic states, such as unconventional superconductivity, that are found in d- and f-electron materials in the vicinity of quantum critical points, values of a control parameter such as composition, pressure, or magnetic field where a second order phase transition is suppressed to 0 K.