Alexander Groisman

Alexander Groisman

Ph. D., Weizman Inst. of Science, Israel, 2000


Office: UH 7254
Phone: 858-822-1838

Research Statement

- Biolistic delivery and gene guns

- Kinetics and thermodynamics of protein folding

- Imaging of the development and behavior of C. elegans worms

- Imaging of primary and cultured leukocytes for HIV studies

- Microbial cultures in microchambers

- Chemotaxis, chemotropism, aerotaxis, thermotaxis and gradient response of cells and organisms

- Perfusion chambers to study the rolling, adhesion, and migration of blood cells and unicellular organisms

- Substrate rigidity sensing, traction force and TIRF microscopy of mammalian cells

- Oxygen level control and hypoxia on the cell and organism levels