Wednesday, May 31

Astrophysics Seminars
4:00PM, SERF 383
'mapping Dark Matter In Galaxies'
Robyn Sanderson, NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow, TAPIR, Caltech / Columbia University Dept of Astronomy
Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
4:00PM, MH 4322 (Mayer Room)
Manipulation Through Disorder Of First-Order Phase Transitions In
Juan Trastoy, UC San Diego, Physics/Center for Advanced Nanoscience

Thursday, June 1

Physics Dept Colloquium
3:45PM, BSB Garren Auditorium
'the Race To Catch Wimps: First Results From The Xenon1T Dark Matter Search'
Kaixuan Ni, Dept. of Physics, UCSD